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Choose the digi-libris Reader version that suits your needs

All version can read embedded or attached metadata to automatically classify incoming documents and links.
Typical users
2-year license
read only, edit only basic metadata
Readers who like to organize their library or collection of ideas and things, to keep an overview and to quickly re-find information in the mass of material that accumulates over time.
This version includes an option to obtain a 21-day gold trial license at no charge (Windows and Mac only).
Also available for Android smartphones and tablets. Just look for it in the Google Play store, install and, when asked, grant it required permissions.
This free version is available through content providers and is either offered to readers and students or is distributed as the navigation tool together with a collection (library) of electronic documents.
  • Add documents to your personal collection (drag and drop or get whole directories)
  • Alphabetical display by title, topic, favourites or search result and quick overview in the sidebar
  • Double-click on an entry to display the underlying document in its native application
  • Browse through and view files in your library (collections of documents) in one or multiple languages
  • Build up a personal knowledge base starting from distributed libraries and added content from disk, LAN or from the web
  • User can also manually add physical objects (print, images, music, software or other collectible items)
  • Read embedded meta data from files, including Dublin Core Terms
  • Import and update library from bundles supplied by an organization
  • PDF, EPUB, HTML and LaTeX formats recognized automatically
  • Mini-browser for searching, viewing and downloading web content
  • Generate Citations and bibliographic references using generic styles
  • Print individual library records as plain text
  • Print or export listings
  • Search through meta data using logic operators + | ! (and, or, and not)
  • Modify title, author, subject and language of items in the database.
  Upgrades                   Please download and install the standard version above prior to ordering an upgrade.
Silver [S]
Scholars who like to share and quickly access files and build generic citations, collectors of electronic and physical objects to include descriptions and attributes,   Recipients of a library package who like to maintain their own knowledge base
$ 19.85
This version can be acquired as an upgrade to the Standard version. It includes all the above features plus:
  • Modify all other meta data (of items in the database) and add attributes of your own
  • Display metadata variable names in local languages
  • Easy extracting of metadata from unstructured text
  • Change the ribbon colour on top or select the classical skin with coloured symbols
  • Generate formatted reports as rich text file (for printing)
  • Include thumbnail and/or full size picture of objects - import from file or paste from clipboard
  • Allow definition of user defined attributes not included in the DC standard (particularly for collections of physical objects)
  • Build printable summaries and tables of contents (TofC) based on embedded catalogue data
  • Export meta data list as plain text and/or save in proprietary format (for other digi-libris Reader users).
Gold [G]
projects, pers.lists, dMeta export, CSL citations
Authors, Researchers, Collectors, Publishers and Content Managers who like to distribute content, to have more control, precise classification, cite using CSL styles and pass metadata in XMP format on to others (e.g. editors for inclusion in the final publication after peer review and paste-up)
$ 59.35
This version can be purchased as stand-alone or as an upgrade to Standard and Silver. It includes all the above features plus:
  • Supports the Exif tool (available separately) which allows to import metadata in much higher granularity including all data that is embedded in music, video and picture files plus DICOM,  IPTC and other variables belonging to third party namespaces
  • Citations and bibliographic references generated automatically using generic format or CSL styles (Citation Style Language - allows to format citations according to requirements set by different publishers) provided documents are "well-behaved", otherwise metadata must be completed by hand
  • Export metadata as XMP file to enhance author exposure. Publishers can import these metadat directly into the final PDF file, even after peer reviewing and paste-up. Publishers can importdirectly into the final PDF file, even after peer reviewing and paste-up
  • Share files, attachments and metadata with others in the LAN, the cloud or via email and create dMeta bundles
  • Re-map imported meta tags from a reference provider(e.g. bibTex et-al. from a library or extracted from a PDF or HTML file) to facilitate reference creation
  • Generate formatted HTML pages complete with hyperlinks for distribution on CD or Web
  • Includes a note pad for keeping formatted notes with styles that can be exported to other word processing programmes. Notes can be independent or associated with an object and are listed under 'topics' for a quick overview
  • Persistent keywords list to extract from and add keywords to multiple records
  • Maintain your own list of topics and convert selected keywords to topics
  • Re-map custom and unrecognized meta tags to official Dublin Core Elements, citation-relevant variables and user defined attributes
Gold academic
same as above
Licenses for students, faculty members and researches at schools, universities and other scientific organizations are available with a 30% discount.
The license is at first valid for 512 days only pending verification of your credentials. Please scan your ID card and attach it to an email addressed to
hotline «at» and mention academic license approval  in the subject line.
A full 2-year license will be sent by email if accepted.
$ 45.55
Gold version for professional users
For content providers and service agencies
make outgoing documents literacy enabled add bookmarks, interactive table of contents and embed metadata in PDF files
generat elxf manifests to build and deploy complete libraries
create topics list in multiple languages
global add or modify metadata attributes
macros for creating and updating web pages and search indices for web deployment
export and import editable keywords lists for third party updating

Build boxed libraries for distribution together with the free reader app.
$ 8'688.00
Includes 3h online (Skype) support.

Development of a bespoke version of the distributable digi-libris Reader software is also possible
(ask for an offer).
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