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Joerg Schuldhess (1941-1992)
his artistic work was marked by a religious search for the meaning and perfection of life. His never-ending quest drove him repeatedly to the cultural centers of the Orient. The style and content of his works have earned him a special reputation far beyond the regional boundaries.
For more information about this artist please visit also his Website .
Several of these works have a soldid 24ct gold background:
Sections of gold leafs were carefully deposited by hand before silkscreen printing
Blatt OM
Jörg Schuldhess, 24ct gold leaf + screenprint, 33x44cm
ed.: 100 sig. + 6 EA, (~ € 290.00)
350.00 CHF
Blatt OM mono
Jörg Schuldhess, 24ct gold leaf + screenprint mono, 52x56 cm
ed.: only 37 EA, (~ € 335.00)
400.00 CHF
Indischer Sarg
Jörg Schuldhess, Goldbronce + Black, 50x70 cm
ed.: 100 sig. + 4 EA, (~ € 300.00)
360.00 CHF
Les Résignations WKIII 12.49
Jörg Schuldhess, 24ctgold leaf + screenprint, 48x62 cm (no stock)
ed.: 50 sig. + 1 EA, (~ € 350.00)
420.00 CHF
Les Résignations WK 12.49
Jörg Schuldhess, 24ct gold leaf + screenprint, 48x62 cm
ed.: 50 sig. + 3 EA, (~ € 350.00)
420.00 CHF
Les Résignations WK 12.48
Jörg Schuldhess, 24ct gold leaf + screenpr. 44x65cm (no stock)
ed.: 50 sig. + 5 EA, (~ € 375.00)
450.00 CHF
The pictures are delivered without frame. Sizes are approximative and can vary substantially.
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