Information literacy begins with literacy enabled information

The ease and low cost of distributing content on the Internet today enable an overwhelming mass of (often unstructured) information to build up data smog, making it very difficult to isolate crucial information and new knowledge for science and business.

Documents must be search friendly with meaningful embedded or attached metadata for easy discovery and auto- classification in the users' knowledge base so that the information can rapidly be found again when needed for work. Documents must also be user friendly and include navigation to allow quick access to specific information within long documents.

Bizgraphic can help you making your documents "well-behaved", i.e. user- and search-friendly prior to publishing . The benefits thereof are obvious:

search engine optimization – information is easier to discover

better authors' exposure

information inside longer documents is more readily accessible

higher chance of being cited or referenced

knowledge can effortlessly be managed at users' end

facilitates (academic) exchange of data

download blog (PDF) Information Literacy despite Information Chaos

consider also distributing your important content
on CD/DVD or USB stick

  • targeted audience only – USB sticks are powerful marketing tools
  • distributing large files or collections of documents at a conference
  • all-in-one deployment of files, installers, programs* and data
  • interactive, cross-document navigation, includes search engine
  • save massively on printing and mailing costs

    What Bizgraphic can do for you
    CD Content Packaging and CD/DVD-ROM / USB Production
  • We put entire collections of documents on a single disk or USB stick,
  • make your documents user friendly with bookmarks and interactive tables of contents and search friendly with embedded metadata
  • add cross-document navigation in multiple languages with display option by title, topic and/or author
  • connect external resources and multimedia content
  • create attractive user interfaces, packaging design and associated printed material
  • And we offer workshops and coaching to help optimize publishing workflow and metadata usage.

    please ask us for an offer
visit also for information about end-user software

* see also digi-libris Reader,
the free software tool for organizing your knowledge base and  well-behaved documents.
It is metadata-centric, localizable, supports the new dMeta file format for information sharing and CSL-styles for generating citations.