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"The Zericollection" is an exceptional offer of modern art graphics of the seventies, but of timeless aesthetics with a very high decorative value. Harmoniously integrated, these hand-signed pictures give a cultured touch to any classic or contemporary interior.

(hand made)
24ct gold leaf + Serigraphy
"Color Group" Series
Well established artists representing different style schools have discovered silk screen printing as a new form of creative expression and explored it with enthousiasm and great imagination. The variety of works, the high artistic levels and the extremely careful manual work characterize this collection of serigraphs[1] and pafilages[2].
These works of art were all created by hand in a graphic studio with its own screen printing facility under the personal supervision of the artists. They are all signed by hand and numbered or labeled "épreuve d'artiste" or “EA” (artists’ proof), or "essay" (Gleb's Pafilages). The original templates were destroyed after the manufacturing process.
The editions of these works are strictly limited in number and distinguish themselves clearly from low-priced reproductions through the artists' personal collaboration and handwritten signature, thus preserving their value.

[1] Serigraphy, aka  silk-screen printing
is mainly used for large formats in small quantities. A thin-meshed screen in a rectangular frame is covered with varnish in places, so that the ink can only flow through in the uncovered regions. The method was first used in Europe by the US Army in World War II, which used it to rapidly overprint maps with the latest frontlines.

[2] Pafilage, invented by Thomas Gleb:
A paper especially created for this purpose is torn by hand, dyed and / or printed according to a template designed by the artist, and assembled into a collage. Each sheet was created individually and thus receives a more individual character. His Essais are actually prototypes that, as the forerunners of the series, allow the creative handwork to be felt even more clearly.
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